Papa’s scooperia is a cool restaurant in management games. Here, as a manager, you will make food that children and adults alike in the ice cream shop. If you do it well, you will get the guests’ love and tips. If you don’t do well, then you won’t get the appreciation of the guests.

Papa’s scooperia’s game operations

Before entering Papa’s scoopers, you will first be allowed to choose your favourite character to play the game, and then have a rest for one night to start the work. The main task of the post is to make ice cream according to the needs of the incoming guests. Different guests have different preferences, so when preparing food, they need to match according to the requirements of the guests. When selecting food, operate with the left mouse button to decide what you want.

Papa’s scooperia’s game features

In Papa’s scooperia, you can become an excellent manager and exercise your management ability.  If you make ice cream well and win the favour of the guests, you can not only get appreciation but also get tips. On the contrary, you will get bad comments from the guests. Subtotal will be made after each day’s work, summarizing the amount of the day and the tips you get. From this, we can see your working status today and the attitude of the guests.

Papa’s scooperia is an exciting simulation game where you will make different flavors of food for various guests.  It can thoroughly test your time management ability and management ability. The management status of a day will eventually make a summary, enabling you to understand the management accounts of a day.  Bad ice cream is a game that collects fruits and fights against ice monsters. Pay attention to avoid ice monsters. If you encounter them, the game will fail.

If you want some exciting games, then the monkey that needs your mind to go happy needs you to use the props that appear to solve puzzles and let the monkey solve problems to get satisfied.  Or choose red ball, an aggressive game that pays great attention to control and reaction. You will accurately control the movement of the red ball and make it jump on a safe platform. Only in this way can you get closer to success in entering the gate.

The most significant common factor is puzzling and exciting games, which enable you to grasp mathematics knowledge and enhance your interest and confidence in learning mathematics during the entertainment process. 2 is a game that pays attention to control. You will manage the lines to move and expand the area. Only when your space is large enough can you have the chance to become the existence of a final victory.